It's been a while now, I know. A few Changes has been made on my bikes, the BTR got a new springer fork and a nice looking exuast. I've also tried to port the cylinder for more Power, got it up to 43 mph. Pretty ok for a bicycle!

My faithful friend, the black Amazon has got a new master. Had not time to take care of it as i would like, so I bought a moped instead. :)


I've also painted a few things, have a look at the Pictures!






Unfortunately the weather has been too poor for icemaking in Filipstad so the dragrace on ice next week is canceled. But instead an alternative competition is held on a racetrack nearby, on gravel this time.





The new webpage is starting to take shape and I hope you like the new, more simple version. I will also post the latest pics on Instagram (@aroskustom).


In two weeks it's time for Färnsjörepan, 1/4 mile dragrace on ice! So I'm working on my old bicycle to get it in the best shape for the race.